Puranmashi 2013 | Pooranmashi 2013 Dates

Puranmashi 2013
Puranmashi 2013
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Full moon day of the month is known as the Puranmashi. According to hindu lunar calender, each month consists of one full moon or Pooranmashi day. Devotees observe fasting on this day. Special rituals are alos performed in the temples on Puranmashi day.

Here we are providing Puranmashi calender for the year 2013. This may vary by a day according to your location.

26th January 2013 - Saturday - Paush month Puranmashi

25th February 2013 - Monday - Magha month Puranmashi

27th March 2013 - Wednesday - Phalguna month Puranmashi

25th April 2013 - Thursday - Chaitra month Puranmashi

24th May 2013 - Friday - Vaishakha month Puranmashi

23rd June 2013 - Sunday - Jyaishta month Puranmashi

22nd July 2013 - Monday - Ashadha month Puranmashi

20th August 2013 - Tuesday - Shravana month Puranmashi

19th September 2013 - Thursday - Bhadrapada month Puranmashi

18th October 2013 - Friday - Ashwin month Puranmashi

17th November 2013 - Sunday - Kartik month Puranmashi

16th December 2013 - Monday - Margashirsha month Puranmashi

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